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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How can we fix campaign finance reform?

This is always a big question. It's always a big buzz word in the media. Today, on my walk with the dogs, I was listening to a podcast with Andrew Bacevich, author of Washington Rules, and I got to thinking about campaign finance reform.

First of all, what is the main problem? One, there is too much corporate involvement in campaigns and, two, there is too much money. My solution may be too simplistic. However, I do think it may have some merit in solving the main problem. So here goes:

  1. Only people can donate to campaigns. No corporations, no lobbyists, no PACs. Just people.
  2. Only voters in the campaign's constituency. What I mean by this is that people in Washington State shouldn't donate to a campaign in Idaho. 
  3. Also, only registered voters. I'm not sure about this. It may be limiting to limit to registered voters. 
  4. Finally, I believe that there should be a cap on how much an individual can donate.
I really think that maybe these rules could level the playing field. Perhaps more people that have good ideas could go to Congress. Maybe these rules could simplify our politicians, but also could limit the influence the rich and soulless corporations inflict on them.

Please comment on whether you think this might work.

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