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Friday, May 4, 2012

Life on the Internet

Well, here I am typing on my notebook, reflecting on recent events. I am typing this in the basement of my parents' home as my dogs try to telepathically tell me it's dinner time. I started to think about the place of the internet in my life.

I use it to get news, to track what books I've read, to track my exercise, to listen to classical music and British comedy, and to communicate with others. It helps me keep abreast of breaking news. And I use it for social intercourse. I really don't have any friends in the neighborhood. And I don't get out much as I don't drive.

I use G-Mail, Google+, and Twitter. I love discussing books, politics, and Mariners baseball. I use it to communicate it to fellow Latter Day Saints and fellow liberals. Some of my favorite issues are women's rights, separation of church and state, stopping animal cruelty, social justice.

I really love discussing some of these issues on Google+, Twitter, or blogs. As long as these conversations don't get abusive, I love exchanging ideas. However, I must not be very good at getting my thoughts across. Many times I'm accused of being insane (because I'm Mormon) or a bigot (because I dislike fundamentalism and Israeli behavior towards the Palestinians). Sometimes I feel I should just stop.

Should I become just an internet observer? Or is it still safe to be a participant? Any thoughts out there? Any suggestions???

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