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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Freedom and Theirs

I have on-line friends on the right and the left of the political spectrum. What I have noticed is that we are both concerned about the same things: freedom and fair play. What is funny is that both the left and the right seem to interpret how to solve these problems differently.

The idea of freedom is a funny one. Those on the right believe that President Obama has restricted their freedom by introducing socialism into the government. They believe he has helped to weaken our country by adding regulations and spending.

However, I, as one on the left, believe that the Republicans espouse principles that are even more hazardous to our freedom. Introducing Voter ID laws that restrict voting rights to the poor and ethnic minorities. Taking away a woman's right to choose and restricting her access to birth control. Denying the LGBT community the right to marry the one they love and protection from persecution. These are worrying issues to me.

Those on the right and those on the left love to demonize each other. I am guilty of this myself. However, it really isn't fair. The policies may be criticized and condemned. Even the leaders (to a point) should be condemned for their stances and their statements. But we really need to tone down our arguments. After all, our goal is the same. We want a better country. We want the American Dream. We are all Americans.

I also wish that we would look at what each other wants. Even if you disagree with the policies of your opponents, we should try and understand what kind of America we all want. Good luck to you all.  There are only 61 days left!

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