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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exercising One's Second Amendment Rights Faster and Cheaper Than A Tax

Here in Benton County (in eastern Washington State), we are trying to pass a Public Safety Tax. It would be 3 cents on every 10 dollar purchase and would go towards things like hiring new police officers, sheriff's deputies, putting in a Mental Health Court, etc, yet many have written letters to the editor expressing their reasons for opposing it.

Many of the reasons are ideological: no tax is okay, ever!

Many are a little hard to understand: why do we need to have more police, we're safe. (Let's ignore the fact that there have been 3 police shooting in one month!)

But the one in yesterday's Tri-City Herald was ludicrous: "Exercising one's Second Amendment rights would be faster and cheaper than a tax." 

I cannot even begin to explain how wrong - how outrageous - how evil this thought is!

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