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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Poetry and Existentialism

Yes, I'm nearly 50. And some days I look back and wonder where my life has gone and why I haven't done more with it. There are many things I regret, but two things that I regret are not enjoying poetry and existentialism.

What, you say? Aren't there more important things you regret? Sure, there are. But these are the ones that I've been thinking about recently.

First, poetry.

I've heard and read reviews of poetry. I've known people that really love poetry. That become intensely moved and even cry after reading poetry. I'm not one of them. I look at them and think, that rhymed nicely.

Now I do become moved by stories and novels. Ask my sister, I cry all the time while watching movies. 

But I just don't get poetry. I always wonder is it me? Or did I not have the right education? Is there a class I could take to help me understand poetry? Or am I just missing a certain bit in my brain that "gets" poetry.

Secondly, existentialism. This came to me after a conversation with my mother about the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 

I told her I didn't see what was so special about it. She said it depended when you read it. That it was existential. I had to laugh. I don't really like existential films either. I just don't get what they are trying to do and say. 

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