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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The New America - Day 12

As hard as it is for me to accept people voted FOR Trump, it is even harder for me to accept that the same people that spoke out against Obama's so-called "imperial" Presidency are staying silent.

But there are some bright spots:

- lawyers mobilizing and volunteering to help those affected by the recent Executive Order
Hundreds of lawyers descend on airports to offer free help after Trump’s executive order

- US veterans knowing what they fought for (even if Trump supporters do not)
When Muslims got blocked at American airports, U.S. veterans rushed to help

- Sally Yates! 
Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban
Video shows Jeff Sessions pressing Sally Yates to defend the Constitution against president’s ‘unlawful’ views
Donald Trump firing Sally Yates isn’t the big story. How he did it is.

- Jay Inslee! My governor!!
Trump team ‘couldn’t run a two-car funeral’: WA governor blasts ‘train wreck’ immigration mess
Washington is first state to sue Trump over immigration order

- Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, when speaking of the attack on the mosque, called it an "act of terrorism". Woo-hoo!! Way to call a spade a spade! When was the last time a white man murdering people was called an act of terrorism in THIS country?

And, finally, SHAME ON YOU, Trump Administration. How in the name of Jehovah can you issue a statement in remembrance of the Holocaust and not mention the Jews? Well, I suppose we should expect it when a Nazi like Bannon seems to be making the decisions. 
President Bannon?

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