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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Open Letter to Candidate Newhouse

This morning, on The Diane Rehm Show, Diane interviewed former Cabinet officer, Leon Panetta, on his new book: Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace

One of the comments really struck me. He said that we should be voting to send our representatives to Washington to GOVERN, not to tear the place down.

It reminded me of the situation here in Benton County and this year's election for the 4th Congressional District. 

After the primary, where a pathetic 37% of the people voted in Benton County, we are left with two candidates: former director of Washington State's Department of Agriculture Dan Newhouse and Tea Party extremist and former Washington Redskin Clint Didier

Mr. Panetta's comment about governing really struck me. I felt I should reach out to Mr. Newhouse, who, I think, is actually committed to governing. Even though not in the direction I would choose. This is a result of those thoughts:

Mr. Newhouse, 

Leon Panetta says we need representatives who are committed to governing and not tearing things down. I feel that out of our two choices you are the best one for that job.

I am what many of my neighbors would probably call a "godless liberal" (though I am a Christian). I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro separation of church and state. I feel that the government (both state and federal) are too focused on protecting the economy and corporations and leave people by the wayside. I am tired of seeing the Republicans do nothing but obstruct and continually wage a war on women. (Though, I never saw Mr. Hastings participate in this. However, I was disappointed that he never spoke against the extremists.)

I know that we probably will not agree on many issues. However, I do believe you are the best choice. You, I think, will have a commitment to govern. Here are some things I hope we can agree on:

  • No more obstruction. You do not need to agree with President Obama and the Democrats. However, please do not just oppose and obstruct because of personal animosities.
  • Fight against extremism and contention in government. (People like Rep Cruz are especially dangerous in this respect.)
  • Represent ALL your constituents. Not just the red part. I am in the minority, but I would like to think I can turn to my representative. 
I guess what I am saying is just GOVERN. People are angry at Congress not because they are overburdening their lives, they're angry because Congress is doing too little. I am not a die-hard Obama fan. In many ways, he is very disappointing. But Republicans of late make me more and more angry.

It seems they are only obstructing Obama because of personal reasons. We have real issues and they are not dealing with them. The Republicans in the Senate are blocking every nominee for no reason. So many Republicans want to tear apart the First Amendment and the Voting Rights Act, yet the Second Amendment is sacrosanct. Women and women's rights seem to be under act every time I turn on my computer.

I ask you to please look out for all of us. To understand and respect the Constitution, and not just say it's under attack. To respect the President and the Supreme Court. And, above all, to fight against extremism in government. It's about governing, in the end. 

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